​vision statement:

Long ago we understood that the real asset that permitted us to achieve our goals was and still remain our people: a dedicated, motivated, customer oriented group of professional who are well informed about all of the latest technologies.
We understand that paying continuous attention to quality, innovation, timely response and permanent support before and after the sale are values that 'make all the difference,' and Lordan strives to keep these issues at the top of its priorities.
Lordan helps its customers by designing more efficient and competitive systems, and by manufacturing the highest quality, most innovative, long lasting, price competitive heat exchangers in the shortest time possible ? from initial development idea to final product design and production.
Our vision is to keep operating the Lordan Group as a global company while retaining the dynamics, speed, flexibility and quality of a family enterprise in which all of the employees "know-how" and experience has a place in building our success story.

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